Ronald Reagan's Letter To Seventh Grader: Former President's Response To Middle Schooler's 'Disaster Relief Request' (PHOTO)

LOOK: Why Reagan Denied Seventh Grader's Request For 'Disaster Relief'

In the years since it was first started, Shaun Usher's blog Letters of Note has brought fans more than 750 missives from famous figures past and present.

Earlier today, Usher tweeted a tongue-in-cheek letter sent by former president Ronald Reagan to a seventh grader in 1984. (He explained in a later tweet that it's from the book "Reagan: A Life In Letters.") In response to the middle schooler's inquiry -- "Today my mother declared my bedroom a disaster area. I would like to request federal funds to hire a crew to clean up my room." -- Reagan answered by first apologizing for a delay in responding (he had been in China) and then going on to provide a thorough analysis of Andy's predicament. Read the letter in full here: