Cristiano Ronaldo Throws Reporter's Mic Into Lake, Finally Makes A Shot

He just did what many athletes probably would like to do.

Was it something he said?

On Wednesday, Portugal soccer team captain Cristiano Ronaldo grabbed a reporter's microphone and threw it into a lake just before Portugal faced Hungary in Euro 2016.

Ronaldo was asked by CMTV's Diogo Torres of Portugal if he was ready for the match as he strolled with teammates outside their Lyon, France, hotel, the Guardian reported. But perhaps any question to the global superstar could be a mine field at this point.

Portugal is winless and Ronaldo is scoreless in the tournament, having missed a penalty kick in a 0-0 tie against Austria. That followed a draw to Iceland, after which Ronaldo sniffed, "It was a lucky night for them."

Torres told the BBC that Ronaldo's reaction was not personal. "We produce a lot of news about him," Torres said. "Some of it he doesn't like. Perhaps that's why he did it. But it wasn't a personal thing."

A victory by Portugal over Hungary would guarantee Ronaldo and his teammates a spot in the round of 16. Hang on to your microphones, reporters.



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