Ronan Farrow Grills Jo Becker Over Marriage Equality Book

Ronan Farrow grilled New York Times investigative journalist Jo Becker on Wednesday on the criticism over her new book, "Forcing the Spring: Inside the Fight for Marriage Equality."

Since its release earlier this month, Becker's book has been criticized for presenting a flawed history of activists' fight for gay marriage. Andrew Sullivan, for example, recently accused Becker of "jaw-dropping distortion" in the book, which he said gives too much credit to some figures in the struggle, while not enough to others. Others have taken issue with Becker writing that a revolution in the fight for gay marriage began with political consultant Chad Griffin on election night 2008.

Farrow asked Becker if she regretted characterizing that moment as "the beginning of the movement."

"No, not at all," Becker responded, saying, "That's not what it says."

"It says this is how the revolution begins," Farrow said.

Becker said that her book isn't a "history of the entire gay movement" or "a history of the marriage equality movement." She said that the story she told in the book began with that moment.

"But you don't say this story of this case begins with Chad Griffin. I think the thing people are taking issue with is, at the very start of this book, you say this is how the revolution begins, then you point to 2008," Farrow pressed. "And then you compare him to Rosa Parks... do you regret that comparison? Do you think that holds up to scrutiny?"

Becker explained that it was revolutionary at the time to want to take the issue of gay marriage to federal court.

Watch the interview in the clip above.