Ronda Rousey: 'My Body Has Developed For A Purpose And Not Just To Be Looked At'

Badass UFC fighters have body image issues, too. Just ask Ronda Rousey. 

In a July 28 interview with Cosmopolitan.com Rousey discussed being featured in the 2015 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and how she feels about her body. 

The undefeated UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, Hollywood star and author said she gained weight for the recent SI swimsuit edition because she felt she was "too small for a magazine that is supposed to be celebrating the epitome of a woman." 

"I wanted to be at my most feminine shape, and I don't feel my most attractive at 135 pounds, which is the weight I fight at," Rousey said. "At 150 pounds, I feel like I'm at my healthiest and my strongest and my most beautiful." 

Although she's a world-class athlete, Rousey says she's struggled with body image her entire life. "I grew up as an athlete doing judo, so I didn't really have a conventional, feminine body type," she told Cosmo."I grew up thinking that because my body type was uncommon [i.e., athletic], it was a bad thing."

"Now that I'm older, I've really begun to realize that I'm really proud that my body has developed for a purpose and not just to be looked at," Rousey said.

Spoken like a true athlete. Keep on kicking ass, Ronda. 

 Head over to Cosmopolitan.com to read the rest of the interview. 

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