Ronda Rousey Dies Of Laughter After Unfortunate Double Entendre

"Oh, that sounded terrible."

At first, it was just a normal Wednesday press conference for Ronda Rousey. Arguably the greatest fighter in the world was talking strategy in the lead-up to fight against her next opponent, Holly Holm. The people wanted to know what would be different this time around, and Rousey was willing to talk.

"Holly is not the kind of person that I could really come at right away," Rousey said. The other girls I fought before, they don't have the kind of footwork and movement that Holly has."

She could have stopped there. She should have stopped there. She presumably now wishes she had stopped there. But she didn't.

"They weren't counter-punchers," she continued. "So I knew that if I came right in their face right away ... Oh, that sounded terrible."

She laughed and she laughed. And then she tried to recover. "Oh my god. Oh. [Laughs, pauses, tries to compose self] Not right away. I'd take my time, OK? [Laughs] But you know what I mean. If I came right … [Laughs] How do I say this right now? Well, rephrasing, I can't really be aggressive right away."

We thought you said it perfectly the first time, Ronda. 


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