In This Women's Bathroom, The Mirror Watches You

In This Women's Bathroom, The Mirror Watches You

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the biggest dirt bag of them all?

Well, it might be the man who refuses to take down a two-way mirror in the women's restroom of his Illinois bar, Cigars and Stripes.

Ronnie Lottz spoke to the Huffington Post last month to discuss his decision to leave the mirror in tact after female comic Tamale Rocks posted a video of the extremely uncomfortable breach of privacy that quickly went viral.

Lottz defended his choice by describing the bar as a "funhouse," telling women to check the closet with the mirror every time they use the restroom. He goes so far as to accuse Tamale Rocks of posting the video for attention, telling us that she did this because she was having "difficulty with her career."

The Weird News team sat down to discuss Lottz, his two-way mirror, and what a gosh darn idiot he ultimately is. We also got Lottz and Rocks on the phone, to get their sides of the story.

Joining us this week is comedian Barry Weintraub, the founding editor of Comedy USA, a website that covers the comedy industry.

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