This Powerful Roomba Robot Vacuum Is Almost 30% Off On Amazon Right Now

This powerful robot vacuum has 10 times the cleaning suction of previous Roomba models.
The Roomba i3 robo-vacuum is on currently on sale for a limited time.

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We may not have flying cars, but we do have the Roomba. One model of this famous robo-vacuum is on sale for almost 30% off for a limited time, and it’s a cleaning upgrade that anyone who needs one less chore to worry about will want to take advantage of (myself included).

Roomba says this powerful i3 EVO robot vacuum has 10 times the cleaning suction of the brand’s previous 600 series models to make sure it zaps up mess efficiently and completely. Plus, it’s able to detect the areas of your home that are dirtier — including high traffic areas such as your entryway — to ensure those places get an even more thorough clean.

It’s also designed with a smart mapping feature that allows it to learn the contours of your space. This enables it to clean more efficiently, plus gives you the ability to send the vacuum to a specific room at your command (and it’ll actually listen, unlike your children).

It’s an engineering feat that one reviewer writes is so sophisticated, the machine really should cost more. We’re glad it doesn’t.

It’s also Alexa-enabled, so you can direct it by voice.

I’ve seen Roombas work wonders in homes with dogs and cats, where the shedding is simply too much to keep up with. This model has multiple rubber brushes to help you keep up with shed hair whether you have carpet or wood flooring (and the brushes are specifically designed not to get tangled with fur).

The best part about this Roomba? It helps make daily life more manageable by taking vacuuming off the hands of folks who are already overworked or dealing with stress; as one reviewer notes, they just set their Roomba to clean while they’re out and return home to a clean floor. Frankly, it’s an investment that just keeps giving back.

The Roomba i3 EVO cleaning the floor.

Promising Amazon reviews:

“I have to say that IRobot is the way to go. We tried other vacumes before getting this one and there is a reason they are the number 1 robot vacume. The suction is great and with a dog with longer fur it does a terrific job at getting it all. You need to clean the rollers and the side swipe piece to get the hair out everry once in a while but they make it easy. The only thing I wish they would do is to allow more than one map to be saved for different rooms.” — Phantom Pilot 1

“...The carpets themselves look fantastic after the Roomba goes through the house... I really didn’t expect it to be able to clean the accumulated dust under the beds. It did fantastic! Of course, its little debris area filled up rapidly, and several times, when cleaning in areas that had not been vacuumed in a long time. It took two and three times running under beds before they were really clean underneath and the dust bin didn’t fill up. After the initial cleaning or two, even under the beds and throughout the entire house can be cleaned usually without having to empty the dustbin. All I can say is I’m glad my wife wanted this for Christmas! Roomba has been a great cleaning asset to our house!” — Ray O (This review was edited for length. Read the full review.)

This is truly one of the best robot vacuums on the market! I know because I’ve tried them all! Very rarely encounters challenges that it cannot overcome. It is a bit aggressive. Use caution if you have light objects on the floor, such as breakable vases, etc. Suction sufficient enough to even pick up quarters dimes, nickels, and pennies! Easy to configure. I’m still trying to figure out how this amazing device is able to navigate and find its way home. It seems to actually think on its own! Very rarely encounters any obstacle that it can not overcome. Alexa friendly and you can even give this devil a name!” — JohnyLonnie

“Please do not expect this machine to clean your entire house, tuck your children to bed and do your laundry. Let’s be realistic, we bought it because we wanted an irobot vacuum without paying over a thousand dollars. If you need a vacuum to meet your high sky expectations, please purchase their new iRobot j7 model, it’s over one thousand dollars. As for me, this vacuum takes one more thing of my plate. It mapped out my first floor, I have set up schedules for it to clean at random times of the day, I love the rubber rollers instead of the brush, it cleans in an orderly manner (yes, it might bump a few times here and there), it sends me alerts when it completes a cleaning schedule, alerts me when something is wrong, most importantly, it helps me keep the dog hair off the floor. I have two chihuahua mixed breeds and they shed a lot. I rarely see hair now. Now when it’s time for me to mop, all I have to do is wait until it’s done cleaning the entire first floor then I start mopping myself 😊. Do not expect your machine to work wonders when you empty out the bin 1 time a week. It’s best to take care of your vacuum and empty it out daily. If you know deep down inside your house is always in need of sweeping please empty it out several times a day. It helps out the machine work it’s best. Overall I am so stocked. This machine is great!” — Dama G (This review was edited for length. Read the full review.)

A set of six colorful ceramic coasters
Promising review: “They are beautiful! I bought these as a gift for my mom to go along with the new colors and decor in her living/dining. The patterns are lovely and even though they are all different, the look nice together and add visual interest to the space. The coasters themselves are a nice size so I don't have to worry about a cup not fitting on them. They are porcelain (I think) and seem to be durable (I wouldn't purposely drop one to test it or anything). The thickness of each coaster is nice and they have soft bottoms so they won't scratch or ruin your furniture. If you are getting them for yourself or someone else, you won't be disappointed!” — Nicole
A pack of 133 felt furniture pads
Also available in packs of eight, 16, 32, 181, and 235 and in multiple color combinations.

Promising review:
“Great for bottoms of chairs on wood floors! Great deal and saves a trip to the store. I use a combination of cut pieces and round pieces. Cut with strong scissors such as kitchen scissors. I replace pads on my chairs every five years or so, as pads thin out and get dirty. Easy to do and great adhesion! My hardwood floors are from 1957 and look fantastic. I don't think they were even refinished. I now have enough pads for various projects for decades. Also great for softening any slam of kitchen cabinets or drawers and even an occasional door. Thumbs up!” — JamesNY
A sleek outlet cover
Promising review: “I now own four of these – they’re the best! Just plug them in, direct the cord, and hide the plugs. I thought it was really nice that Sleek Socket also created an inverted plug so that I could direct cords upwards (for the TV in my office). The package comes with little Command strips to secure the cable to the wall. I will say, I needed to use multiples of these strips along the cable, because the cables are actually pretty thick and unruly. They don't stay straight/lay flat very easily, so you have to really secure it down with a lot of these Command strips. It's fine. I still think it looks WAY better than having the black cord of the TV hanging down or the black cable of our Tonal machine hanging all over the place. I've also used one of these in my master bedroom to hide a lamp cable. And I'm using another one in my pantry (where there is no outlet) to draw power from an outlet on a nearby wall in the kitchen so that I can plug a vacuum in downstairs. These things are so useful!” — Deedee
Or a compact cable management box
Promising review: “Attractive and simple! I bought this to corral the cords on our treadmill – it is SO worth the money. It took a jumbled mess and turned it into a sleek and attractive area. It’s very low profile and handles different sized cables – it even fit a surge protector.” — Amazon Customer
A FlexiSnake Drain Weasel
Friends, this exact item is my sink de-clogger of choice. I don’t really know what to tell you about it other than... it just works. Anytime my bathroom sink starts to drain super slowly, it’s probably because there’s a whole lot of my hair stuck down there. But shoving this lil’ guy down the drain, giving it a quick whirl-around, and then yanking it back out again fixes the issue immediately. Worth it.

Promising review: “These work! Very easy to use! And fast! Boyfriend frequently clogs the sink with beard hair and our chemical drain-clearing products weren’t really working. I was getting ready to call the landlord but decided to try these first and….YAY! I’m going to keep a couple of these in the house at all times. You can reuse the handle, but the wands are single use only. It took three to fully clear my sink; I was going to try cleaning the first one off and reusing it, but it wasn’t worth the icky hassle. I just popped off the old wand and plugged in a new one and got back to business.” —Kindle Customer
A sleek, minimal toothbrush holder
CastingTheory is a small business based in Texas that specializes in handcrafted concrete home goods.

Promising review: “So cute, minimal, and very functional! Nice and sturdy to hold up our toothbrushes, and the drain holes on the bottom are working well for any residual water.” — Katie
A Baseboard Buddy cleaning tool
Promising review: “Where has this been all my life??? I have lived in my house for three years and have never cleaned my baseboards. We are a busy, active family and ‘clean the baseboards’ is never on the immediate list of things to be done… not to say that it doesn’t need to be done; I just don’t have time. Then I spotted the Baseboard Buddy. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. It showed up today and I put it together in about two minutes and took it for a test drive. I dusted my entire downstairs, above the doors and along the stair rails in about 15 minutes! I used it dry and it worked great. I’ll probably use a multipurpose cleaner with it next time. The head swivels which is great. There is a tiny bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy. I saw someone complain about the top coming unscrewed. After a while, it does get a little loose, but when that happens… you tighten it back up. It is a non-issue. I love this cleaning gadget. My friend just bought one for herself because I was excited about a baseboard cleaner…I’m not quite sure what that says about me. Probably that I need to get out more, but while I’m not out, I’m inside my house with clean baseboards!” — Jennifer H.
A soft, coiled rope laundry hamper
Promising review: “I love this hamper. It's sturdy, good quality, and goes very well in my bathroom! I had a bunch of laundry, so I filled it up right away and it shaped itself perfectly in just a day. Great purchase – happy I chose this one!” — Christen Dunn
A pair of matching glass soap and lotion dispensers
Promising review: “Absolutely perfect! Nice and heavy. Good quality. It was exactly what I was looking for.” — Christina
A jar of the TikTok-beloved Pink Stuff cleaning paste
Promising review: "I ran my self-cleaning cycle on my oven and forgot to remove the racks, which resulted in blackened, ruined racks that no cleaning products could even touch. New racks were nearly impossible to find for my 15-year-old wall oven and were about $300 for replacements. With The Pink Stuff and black grill scrubbing pads I was able to clean them to look nearly new for about $15. If this is the only thing I’d ever used this for, it has paid for itself 18 times over. I have used it to detail my refrigerator, the interior of two ovens, my cast-iron stove grates, my dishwasher, my grout and my under-cabinet light covers in the greasy kitchen. I even used it to clean the ring off the bathtub where I attempted to clean my oven racks unsuccessfully. It is slightly abrasive but I just made sure my cleaning cloth was more wet and less product. It worked perfectly for everything. I would use on walls but only in small areas and make sure to use very little and you have a soppy cloth. It arrived in perfect condition. It’s a paste consistency and is perfect for just about everything! I’m $300 worth of happy." — KD
A pair of storage bins
Promising review: “Great little baskets! These work great. I bought them to store my son’s books since they kept falling and sliding on the book shelf. We put the books in the bins instead. Now, we can take the bins off the bookshelf when he wants to read and he can dig through them, pick out the book he wants and put the books away easily when he is done. At the end of the day, we can just put the bins back on the shelf and it looks organized.” — Cara Wilson
A hand-held garment steamer
Promising review: “Such a lifesaver! I don't know how I lived without this item – it's amazing. It heats up in no time and removes the wrinkles in the wrinkliest (is that a word?) clothing. I think it's so fun to use, too. I never used to iron anything and now everything in my closet is super smooth. I've used it many times and the quality of the product has never diminished.” — Susan
A bold shower curtain with a modern, abstract design
Promising review: “Very beautiful! My bathroom needed a pick-me-up, and this shower curtain was perfect! Our master bedroom is black and yellow ochre color scheme, so this matched our master bathroom perfectly. Love the material, too!” — Jazmin
A set of iridescent wineglasses
Promising review: “I love these wineglasses!! The iridescence is subtle, but absolutely gorgeous and magical. They were packaged really well and all of the glasses arrived to me safely. I love that they're dishwasher safe, too. I'm so happy with them and look forward to using them each and every time. Would definitely repurchase if I need more!” — Shoona
A complete set of kitchen utensils
This is the set I use. They’re great — solid; easy to clean; basically, everything you could want from your everyday cooking utensils. My most-used items are the flippers, the solid spoon, the whisk, the tongs, and the spoonula — but I’ve had cause to use literally every piece in the set, so I have never, ever regretted having them all. (Just, y'know, in case this many pieces seems like overkill. It's not. I promise.)

For the curious, the full set includes a solid spoon, a slotted spoon, a solid turner, a slotted turner, a pasta spider, a ladle, a basting brush, a spatula, a spoonula, a whisk, a set of tongs, measuring spoons, measuring cups, a silicone spoon rest, and a holder to corral it alland a bunch of S-hooks, if you’d rather hang your utensils than keep them in the storage jar.

Promising review: “Score! A year later and still super pleasantly surprised by how good this set is for the … price – use it all the time and everything is still completely in pristine shape. Not to mention, it actually looks like the picture and not some cheaper plastic version when you actually get it. Great color, too.” — Meowmie
A pair of striped cotton kitchen towels
Promising review: “I love these kitchen towels! So much that I bought six more! They’re large and the perfect material for drying. Definitely awesome!” — LaLa
A good household tool kit
Promising review: “The fact it’s survived moving four times is awesome! Bought this for my apartment in California back in 2018. I have since moved about 4-5 times and to two other states. It has managed to come in handy every single time! I’m so impressed it has survived that long and really helped with all my little home needs.” — Mauri
A nine-piece pantry and fridge storage bin set
Promising review: “I can’t believe how clean this keeps my refrigerator. Now, if I have something with the potential of making a mess, it goes in the bins.” — gieseler4
And a set of five kitchen storage canisters
Promising review: “Great overall canister set! My kitchen pantry is small with a lot of hard-to-reach places and dead space. It had become a mess! The canisters are a perfect way for me to organize all of the pantry items in an efficient and easy-to-see way, while also maximizing the space in my pantry overall. I loved them so much that I purchased a second set and plan to buy a third set, as well. I use them for everything from various pastas to rice and cereals and snacks and coffee, as well as sugar and salt and so much more. Since the set comes with various sizes of canisters, it helps to make things very easy to see and to find. (I also use chalk labels just for fun and/or to indicate salt vs. sugar; a specific type of coffee bean; how many minutes to cook the pasta; etc.) There seems to be an endless amount of uses for them. I even use some of the smaller canisters in the bathroom for cotton swabs and cotton balls. They are aesthetically pleasing with a very ‘clean’ and simple/modern look, which suits my home décor very well. The product is well-made and the seal on the lids works perfectly. I highly recommend!” — Aeneas
A simple yet beautiful blue glass vase
Promising review: “This vase is beautiful and the color is absolutely amazing in person. I didn’t expect it to be big and am pleasantly surprised. It’s on the heavier side. I’m thinking about making a second purchase.” — Eve
A set of six woven cotton placemats
Promising review: “These placemats are perfect! I was so glad I ordered these from Amazon. These are exactly what I was looking for and the price is very reasonable. They are well-made and they look much more expensive than they are. I am so glad I purchased them. I love the color and the size and the texture of the placemats.” — lisa page
A quartet of framed botanical prints
Promising review: “Soooooo satisfied! I recently moved into a brand new apartment and needed something to decorate a blank wall in my bathroom. As a plant-mom, I wanted prints that would actually look like the plants that I have in there. These were perfect, right down to the color of the walnut frame which totally matches the vanity. Came fast and the packing was excellent. In fact, I kept the packaging for reuse. Very lightweight. I was able to hang them with thumbtacks instead of picture nails. I keep walking pass the bathroom just to look at them!” — Ms Betty of Newark
And a pair of insanely cute sheep-shaped storage containers
Promising review: "I love these organizers. They're sturdy and hold a good amount of cotton swabs and cotton facial pads. They're also decorative enough to leave out, but as I do have a small bathroom, it can also fit inside the medicine chest and open up space on the countertop." — Diana L. Haub

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