Roommate Kicked Out On 'Breaking Amish: LA' For Stirring Up Too Much Drama (VIDEO)

It looks like it is possible to stir up too much drama on a reality show. On the latest episode of "Breaking Amish: LA," the gang decided that they were tired of all the drama Devon was creating, and so their best move was to kick him out.

Devon was the one who framed Betsy for molesting Iva, and then allegedly slapped Betsy across the face. And so, with zero warning, Andrew told Devon, "You’ve got 15 minutes to pack your f*cking sh*t!”

Devon tried to argue that he'd been manipulated by Iva, who was certainly getting aggressive in her fight with Betsy, but they weren't buying it. And it looks like getting kicked out by his castmates may have been the reality check -- pun intended! -- that Devon needed.

After his abrupt departure, he said, "When people find out back home what I did in LA, they’re going to be disappointed at me. I regret everything that I ever did out here.”

As Radar Online's Alexis Tereszcuk pointed out, it is kind of ironic that Devon got shunned while out in the real world.

The drama continues on "Breaking Amish: LA" every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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