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The 'Buyer-Diggs' Roommate Test Can Tell You If Living Together Will Suck

Is sharing "caring" or just really stealing?
Friends laughing watching TV together
Friends laughing watching TV together

You never know what moving in with someone will do to a relationship until you're submitting rent checks together. Will you stop talking to your best friend? Will you break up with your boyfriend? We can't predict anything, but one new test might be able to.

Say hello to the "Buyers-Diggs Test" from Trulia. A play on the traditional Myers–Briggs personality test, this quiz is designed to determine the "home personality" that would exist among potential roommates or significant others. By testing an array of scenarios like partying, chores and the importance of buying a couch, you'll be able to see if you're compatible with your future roomie.

Here's an example question from the Buyers-Diggs quiz:


The quiz will also allow potential roommates to avoid some awkward conversations or engage in discussions that they wouldn't otherwise find necessary (like how much a futon should cost). It's even possible two best friends might think they will live well together, but the quiz asks enough questions about personal habits and scenario reactions that may illustrate a different picture entirely.

Take the test now with your future roomie and thank Trulia later!

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