Rooney Mara Smiles In Calvin Klein Film For Downtown Fragrance (VIDEO)

She smiles!

We take great pleasure in documenting Rooney Mara's rare forays into cheery fashion (yes, sometimes she swaps that black and white for a bright color). But it brings us even greater joy to document her smiling, as she does in her new Calvin Klein ad.

The famously broody actress landed a Calvin Klein Downtown fragrance campaign that saw her posed in black and white (natch) and staring pensively, sans smile, at the camera. But the new campaign film, released by Calvin Klein on YouTube, actually features the star cracking a smile and some laughs. Who knew she was capable of it?

Set to "Runaway" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the short film was directed by David Fincher, who worked with Mara on "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." Perhaps the familiarity made Rooney comfortable enough to open up and let loose, or maybe she's just had it in her all along.

Either way, it's a relief to see. Behold, Rooney Mara looking happy.


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Rooney's signature style:

Rooney Mara's Personal Style

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