Woman Dies After Pet Rooster Pecks Her

The 76-year-old victim died after her varicose vein wouldn't stop bleeding from the peck.

A 76-year-old Australian woman has died after a rooster pecked her.

The unidentified woman was collecting chicken eggs on her property when her pet rooster started pecking at her lower left leg, according to a Wednesday Yahoo! report.

The rooster’s pecking caused a “significant hemorrhage” on a varicose vein that led the woman to collapse and eventually die from her injuries, according to Live Science.

The woman’s case appears in the Aug. 20 issue of the journal Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology.

Researchers said the case shows that even relatively small domestic animals can inflict lethal injuries in individuals who have specific vascular vulnerabilities.

Although extensive bleeding from varicose veins is not overly common, experts told Yahoo! that if you happen to injure them, apply pressure to the wound and then lie down with your legs up on a chair.

If the bleeding doesn’t stop, seek medical care as soon as possible.



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