Roosterteeth Adds Anime RWBY To YouTube Slate (WATCH)

Roosterteeth Adds Anime RWBY To YouTube Slate (WATCH)
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To kick off our Geek Week live show at YouTube Space LA, Burnie Burns, The Slow Mo Guys' Gavin Free, and Hannah Minx give us an exclusive preview of what's to come for Rooster Teeth's very first anime series, "RWBY."

Burnie reveals that a man named Monty, the lead animator for Rooster Teeth's ten-year strong "Red vs. Blue" web series, was given the opportunity to create his own show, and now the world is exposed to "RWBY," which debuted three weeks ago on and just sprung into life on YouTube.

"We're hoping what'll happen is it'll open us up to a whole new audience who has never seen Rooster Teeth content before," Burnie says of the new anime series. He and Gavin attribute the growing and rabid anime fanbase to exposure on the Internet and at conventions.

While the Rooster Teeth team started using machinima to tell the story, they quickly turned to full-on animation. "It's not the cheapest," Burnie says, "but we have a really big audience now, so we can support it."

Season 1 of "RWBY" will run through the rest of the summer and then go to DVD.

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