'Roots' Remake: History Channel Plans New Miniseries

"Roots" is getting a remake on History Channel, according to Deadline.

History acquired the rights to the 1977 miniseries from Mark Wolper, the son of "Roots" executive producer David L. Wolper, and to the book the original miniseries was based on, "Roots: The Saga Of An American Family." The new "Roots" miniseries will reportedly be 8 hours long.

History has confirmed the remake is in the works to The Huffington Post.

A writer for the project and stars have yet to be announced. Deadline reports History's "Roots" remake will "will draw both on the book and the original mini from a contemporary perspective."

"We would like to revive that cultural icon for a new audience,” History EVP and GM Dirk Hoogstra told Deadline.

History made ratings waves with recent miniseries "The Bible" and "Hatfields & McCoys." Will "Roots" do the same? The original version aired over 8 nights on ABC in 1977 and became a ratings smash hit. The last part of the original miniseries broke ratings records. ABC's "Roots" featured a large ensemble cast, including Ed Asner, LeVar Burton, Cicely Tyson, Robert Reed, Lloyd Bridges and Tracey Gold. Members of the cast recently reunited on ABC's "The View."

Click over to Deadline for more on the remake.



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