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Why We're Still A Little Disappointed In Rory Gilmore

How is it that the daughter of TV's awesomest mom was actually no fun at all?

We have nothing but love for "Gilmore Girls," the TV series that taught teen girls across America that moms could be cool, quaint towns were charming places to live and any problem could be solved with a good zingy comeback.

Lorelai Gilmore was the standard-bearer of those messages, the strong, beautiful, witty and wise woman we all aspired to be. Rory, on the other hand... well, by the time the series wrapped in 2007, we were let down. We wanted to love her, but she just made it so hard. As one TV blogger so poignantly wrote to Alexis Bledel's character, "Get your shit together, and stop annoying me already."

Here's why Rory was kind of the worst.

She made us all feel completely inferior with her overachieving ways.

Seriously, how can one person take that many classes?

She could be a serious Debbie Downer.

She somehow never had any idea what "normal" teenagers are like or how to interact with them.

She saved all her enthusiasm and excitement for inanimate objects.

She never really seemed to realize how gorgeous she was. Alexis Bledel, for the record, is gorgeous.

How did she eat pounds of junk food and never gain a pound??

Related: How did she drink all that coffee and never seem particularly peppy?

But worst of all, we can never forgive Rory for letting all these amazing men go. Every...



And we will never forgive her for saying no to THIS:

Lorelai, we pledge our undying love to you.

Alexis Bledel

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