Rory Reid, Son Of Harry Reid, Finally Mentions Last Name (VIDEO)

Rory Reid, Democratic candidate for governor of Nevada, has finally released an ad that mentions his last name after months of playing down his political lineage as the son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The elder Reid has been facing incredibly low approval ratings among Nevada voters, so his son's reticence about touting the family name makes sense.

Rory Reid's new ad only mentions his last name once, and concludes by calling him "Rory" and displaying the text "Rory 2010."

Rory Reid told the Associated Press the reason for this tactful choice:

"People I'm sure have an opinion about my father. What they have yet to do, many of them, is develop an opinion about me. And that's what this campaign is about."

Aside from largley ditching his last name, Rory also has avoided joint public appearances with his father, and has eschewed mention of his father in his website biography.

Check out Rory Reid's new ad below: