Unemployed Four Months

What was I thinking when I made the decision to attend graduate school at New York University? I have not only accumulated an enormous debt, but have also been thrust into the real-life river with no life preserver to keep me afloat.

When I was in the process of finishing my bachelor's degree in English at CUNY Queens College in the spring of 2009, it became apparent to me that there was no way I'd be landing a job come graduation. As a result, I began to look into accelerated master's degree programs. I suppose I thought that the American economy would eventually return to its former glory and that every graduate, even those with a measly bachelor's degree would be able to get some sort of a job. It's hard for me to believe that I was once so foolish. Granted, I graduated from NYU this past May but I have been searching for a job since March.

Looking for employment has been a torturous and dramatic journey in which I find myself sending out dozens of tailored resumes and receiving very few responses. In fact, I have had enormous difficulty even getting interviews, much less those in fields that I feel I am qualified to work in. While pursuing my master's degree at NYU, I was fortunate enough to intern at two major magazines as well as assist several different fashion stylists. Although these opportunities proved themselves useful in terms of gaining knowledge about the editorial and fashion industries, jobs in these areas are hard to come by.

During a recent meeting, an interviewer proceeded to tell me that I was not qualified for the position despite having previously read my resume. I was baffled. I am still struggling to understand why the company asked me to come in at all. Perhaps job market over-saturation provides businesses with the opportunity to be more selective; many jobs that had been set aside for recent college graduates in the past are now going to people with five years worth of experience.

As the months roll by, I find myself becoming increasingly anxious. I have now accumulated around $30,000 in debt. I get letters on a weekly basis reminding me of the November due date for my first loan payment.

Still, I am trying to remain hopeful because I feel that a job is waiting somewhere out there for me.