Rosa Parks Honored With A Reserved Front Seat On Texas Buses

Dallas salutes the 60th anniversary of Parks refusal to give up her bus seat by reserving a seat for her on more than 500 buses.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit in Texas is commemorating Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man in 1955 by reserving the front seat on every city bus in her honor all day on Dec. 1. The date also marks the 60th anniversary of Parks' historic protest, a sign featuring an image of a statue of Parks plastered with the words “Reserved in Honor of Rosa Parks” will occupy the front seat of more than 500 buses.

“We cannot overstate the significance of her simple and brave act," DART president Gary Thomas said in a statement.

"Her decision to keep her seat reminds all of us to focus on the larger issues of equality, opportunity and hope for the future."

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