This Queer Fairytale Is Helping Kids Understand The True Meaning Of Love


A new animated cartoon now available on Hulu presents the idea of queer love to children in a normalized and easy to understand way.

"Rosaline" follows the story of a young woman as she navigates the trials and tribulations of her magical land on the way to meet her sweetheart -- who also happens to be a woman. The cartoon comes from Daniel Errico, the mind behind another queer cartoon that aired on Hulu in 2015, called "The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived."

"Historically, kids' media shies away from LGBT love, marriage and identity, which can cause an imbalance," Errico told The Huffington Post. "We are missing an opportunity to foster children's natural ability to accept and understand themselves and others, and that can have serious consequences later on in life. I grew up with stories I could relate to that affected my sense of self in a positive way, and every child deserves the same chance."

"Rosaline" is now available for streaming on Hulu and can also be viewed above.

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