Rosario Dawson Nervous To Play Dolores Huerta In Cesar Chavez Biopic, Huerta Thinks It's Awesome (EXCLUSIVE)

For years, the family of Latino civil rights leader Cesar Chavez turned down producer’s efforts to create a film about his life. Now, the first biopic starring Mexican-American actor Michael Pena, who will play the titular role, and award-winning actresses America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson is underway. The film will be directed by Mexican actor-director Diego Luna.

This past weekend, Dawson -- who is set to play labor leader Dolores Huerta in the upcoming Cesar Chavez biopic -- addressed a packed conference hall at the University of Southern California during the opening plenary of the Voto Latino Power Summit, an organization dedicated to engaging Latino youth voters and leaders, of which she is a co-founder and chairwoman.

Alongside co-founder Maria Teresa Kumar, the President and CEO of Voto Latino and Huerta, who also participated in the event, Dawson had this to say about playing the civil rights activist in the upcoming film:

“The more I get to know [Huerta], the more I am impressed and a little frightened about making sure that I get it right.”

When Huerta, took to the podium she told Dawson, “Rosario, I’m glad you’re gonna play me. That’s awesome.”



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