Rosario Dawson To Star In Graphic Novel Adaptation, 'Occult Crimes Taskforce'

Rosario Dawson is best known for her sexy role as the machine-gun wielding dominatrix Gail in Frank Miller’s graphic novel adaptation “Sin City”. So it’s only fitting that for her next project, the half-Puerto Rican, half-Cuban actress will find herself starring in another graphic novel adaptation. But this time, it's based on a graphic novel of her own.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the "Zookeeper" actress is teaming up with Gale Anne Hurd (an executive producer for AMC’s Golden Globe-nominated series, “The Walking Dead”) to bring her own graphic novel, “O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce” to the small screen.

The project, which is being developed by the A&E network with Dawson and Hurd as co-executive producers, will follow a group of investigators who patrol a district of New York populated by practitioners of black magic. Like the graphic novel, co-created by Dawson, David Atchison and Tony Shasteen, "O.C.T.," will center on the character of Sophia Ortiz, a new member of the bureau who uses magic, spells, ghosts, the undead and the unnatural. Although the project is still in the early stages of development, Dawson is being considered for the role of Sophia.

According to, the rights to "Occult Crimes Taskforce" were previously acquired by Dimension Films in September 2006, but a proposed movie adaptation never materialized.

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