Rose McGowan Calls Donald Trump A 'Murderer In The Making' In Scathing Open Letter To Press

Rose McGowan on the red carpet for the premiere of HBO's "Confirmation" in 2016.
Rose McGowan on the red carpet for the premiere of HBO's "Confirmation" in 2016.

Rose McGowan has penned an open letter addressed to Donald Trump and his enablers, whom she believes to include news networks like CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC, as well as Viacom and the Murdoch family. 

In the strongly worded message released on Wednesday, the “Charmed” actress takes the media to task for perpetuating Trump’s hateful rhetoric for the benefit of ratings and self-promotion. She even goes as far as likening coverage of Trump to the city of Flint, Michigan, “poisoning its citizens.”

“It is NOT most of America who should be ashamed, it is YOU for propagating this propaganda,” she wrote, presumably speaking to publications covering the election. “Stop poisoning humanity. Go rogue, reverse course, be BRAVE. He is a murderer in the making. Do NOT AID AND ABET A CRIME.”

McGowan has been an out and proud Trump detractor for months, most recently engaging in a Twitter spat with RNC speaker Scott Baio. After Baio shared a misogynist meme on social media featuring Hillary Clinton, she posted another open letter to the “Happy Days” actor, asking why he’s “aggressively determined to be below average.”

Read her most recent letter, which she posted to her Facebook page and emailed to press outlets, below: 



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