Roseanne Jokes Her National Anthem Was 'Better' Than Fergie's

The TV star's 1990 version just might have been replaced as the all-time worst.

Fergie’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday has been widely judged a colossal flop, with some people calling it one of the worst performances of the national anthem ever. 

The singer attempted to give the song a breathy, bluesy edge, but her take was decidedly unsexy, with social media users comparing it unfavorably to Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit.

One star, however, seemed to take comfort in the backlash. Early Monday, Roseanne Barr joked on Twitter that Fergie’s “Star-Spangled Banner” was worse than her own lambasted version, which she performed nearly 28 years ago. 

Barr, in case you’ve forgotten, screeched her way through the national anthem at a San Diego Padres game in July 1990. The Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning comedian set off a chorus of boos from the crowd with her off-key performance, which concluded with her spitting on the pitcher’s mound and grabbing her crotch.

Revisit Barr’s vocal stylings in the clip below. 

Although Barr’s effort was slammed by President George H.W. Bush as “disgraceful,” she later said that she had, in fact, planned to give a good performance. 

“I was singing in my act at the time ― and I am a good singer ― I was flattered and fully intended to sing a good version of the song,” she told The Washington Post in 2015. 

“I started too high,” she explained. “I knew about six notes in that I couldn’t hit the big note. So I just tried to get through it, but I couldn’t hear anything with 50,000 drunk assholes booing, screaming ‘you fat fuck,’ giving me the finger and throwing bottles at me during the song they ‘respect’ so much.”

What do you think? Watch Fergie’s full “Star-Spangled Banner” above. 



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