Stormy Daniels Tops Roseanne Barr In Epic And NSFW Twitter Smackdown

Our ears are still ringing from this clapback.

When will people learn that attacking Stormy Daniels on Twitter is a sucker’s game?

Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford) has made some truly epic comebacks to her haters in the past, but she may have topped herself Friday morning during an exchange with Roseanne Barr — with some help from Patricia Arquette.

It all started when the porn actress, who said she was paid $130,000 in hush money for an alleged 2006 affair with now-President Donald Trump, responded to a presumedly mean tweet by a now-suspended account.

(Warning: The language gets fairly NSFW, so use your discretion before scrolling.)

That comment inspired this response from another woman, who was not impressed.

Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette felt obliged to point out some potential hypocrisy.

That’s when Barr ― a Trump supporter ― felt obliged to point out that Clifford makes her living having sex on camera.

Arquette came to Clifford’s defense by pointing out the double standard at play.

At this point, Twitter master Chrissy Teigen sensed something big was on the horizon and checked in with Barr to ask a crucial question:

Then it was Clifford’s turn. She clapped back so hard our ears are still ringing.

An observer begged to differ on Clifford’s claim, saying “Pornhub is filled with anal scenes of you.”

The actress said “not true” and explained why Barr’s tweet was dehumanizing to say the least.

Barr hasn't responded as of publication time.

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