Roseanne Touts Latest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory About Child Sex Rings In Tweet

The controversial tweet has since been deleted.

Amid the hoopla over the reboot of “Roseanne” last week, people were scratching their heads over actress Roseanne Barr’s bizarre tweet hailing Donald Trump for freeing “hundreds” of children a month from their pimps.

The president has “broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere,” Barr tweeted Friday.

The tweet has since been deleted ― a practice not uncommon for the controversial television star. Barr deleted a tweet Thursday that accused Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg of performing a Nazi salute.

A representative for Barr did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

In the since-deleted tweet about sex trafficking, Barr, who’s no stranger to promoting right-wing conspiracy theories, was apparently referring to a fantasy birthed on the anonymous online message site 4Chan last year. The conspiracy theory claims that Trump is secretly busting satanic child sex rings linked to high-level Democrats. Barr retweeted posts and links backing the “untold story” that shares similarities with the “Pizzagate” hoax that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex trafficking ring out of a pizza shop in Washington.

The fantasy Barr referred to is the handiwork of anonymous 4Chan contributor QAnon or Q. The sex ring conspiracy theory insists that the investigation of Trump and his campaign by special counsel Robert Mueller is a fake front so that the president can continue to nail the criminals. It gets even more convoluted after that.

Last November Barr tweeted, “Who is Q?” The Daily Beast reported. The actress later added: “Tell Qanon to DM” — direct message— “me in the next 24 hours.”

The theory is known as “The Storm,” apparently referring to Trump’s mysterious promise last year that reporters were experiencing the “calm before the storm.” He never explained what he was referencing.

Twitter didn’t give Barr a pass. Shortly after her Trump tweet, she apologized for posting it but didn’t deny that Trump is freeing hundreds of child sex slaves. “I have worked with victims of trafficking for decades & supported the fight against it,” she tweeted. “Sorry to have mentioned it here. It’s not the place.”

Barr then posted another tweet saying she didn’t know so many were “not aware” of child sex slavery.

Barr once retweeted an Infowars report that baselessly claimed 5.7 million “illegals” voted in the presidential election, according to The Daily Beast. Barr has also promoted conspiracy theories about murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

This article has been updated to note that Barr’s tweet has been deleted.

Hayley Miller contributed reporting.