Can Rosewater Cure Dry Skin, Bad Hair And Dark Circles? We Find Out (PHOTOS)

Want to cure dry skin, bad hair AND dark circles?

Though we'd always considered rosewater to be more of a light-bodied face splash or a cocktail additive, there's surprisingly a myriad of benefits the tonic can offer. Tipped off by a reader, we decided to investigate into the seemingly simple liquid blend. Derived from the petals and sepals of the classic flower, the solution can aid in clearer pores, lighten dark circles, promote healthier hair and even create a light fragrance. Now we're left wondering if there's anything rosewater can't do?

Just a heads up when buying the tonic -- rosewater comes in different forms. You'll typically find it in its purest iteration at a health food store or the online equivalent. If you're in search of a blend that is ever-so-slightly astringent, look for an option that contains glycerin.

We rounded up the best uses, and keep clicking to see our favorite shoppable options in the gallery below.

Clear Skin

Rosewater Benefits

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