LMFAO Parody Explains Rosh Hashanah, Features Awesome Dancing Jews (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rosh Hashanah In The House, Y'all!

Rosh Hashanah may not start until sundown September 28, but that's not stopping people from getting excited. These bros especially.

They made a video for a site called Aish, whose mission apparently is to cool-up the Jewish faith a little bit. Their strategy? Take the LMFAO song from that Kia commercial and dance around like the young people do. They may not be hip-hop hamsters, but it's kind of working nonetheless.

Even if you're not into the dancing, the lyrics bring the LOLs. If somebody doesn't airbrush, "Everyday I'm shucklin'," onto the hood of their car after seeing this, this just isn't America.


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