Roshon Fegan Talks 'Dancing With The Stars' Secrets

"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Roshon Fegan stepped out of his grueling rehearsals to tell me what it's like to compete on TV's biggest show. He even let a few secrets slip, like who gets to pick the music and whether he has any influence over his costumes.

“It’s a lot of work, we go about six hours and more of rehearsals a day," Fegan said. "We got to wake up really early and get rehearsing. Plus, we are always doing promos and stuff during the day. We sometimes go all the way to 12:00 at night."

And although he said he loves every minute of it, being a part of the dancing team hasn’t come without its complications.

“You go to wardrobe and then it's back to rehearsals,” he said. “Sometimes they want to over-bedazzle stuff, so I have to make sure I keep the bedazzling at a minimum.”

Roshon also said he has to keep his eye on his partner, Chelsie Hightower -- for his own safety.

“She’s got serious elbow, she’s a wild one. She likes to jump on me without any warning. She puts a lot of passion into it, but I’ve got to watch those elbows,” Fegan laughs, before confessing that neither he nor Hightower get any choice when it comes to their performance music.

“They actually pick the music for us each week, so that’s another challenge people don’t really know about. If it’s a whack song or a lousy song, we have to make some magic out of nothing. I’ve been really lucky to get a lot of great songs. I haven’t had one I didn’t really like at all.”

Before the "Shake It Up" star rushes back to rehearsals, he said, “When this is over, I’m still going to be dancing."