Rosie Has Become the Right's Latest Strawlib

Rosie Has Become the Right's Latest Strawlib
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Bill O'Reilly, Jonah Goldberg, Michelle Malkin

Kudos to these patriots.

None of that vicious gay bashing you'll get from a Michael Savage. No, this is more important than just slamming sexuality. Even more important than how Anna Nicole's passing affected our lives. This was about a comedienne on ABC's "The View" who is trying take down America by challenging the particulars of 9/11.

Ladies and gentleman, I warn you. This isn't Carrot Top. Not someone who starred in the classic "Chairman of the Board." This is someone who fielded her position all too well in "A League of Their Own." Certainly someone with that type of show bizzy resume could bring down America on her own.

And believe me, she could do it.

Just like Clooney had done. Like the Dixie Chicks had sung.

Like Sean Penn continues to do.

You can just feel Rosie's anti-Americanism ripping our freedoms from their very core.

That ABC continues to allows her spread her traitorous clout is just what the terrorists want. Certainly it undermines our troops.

Culture Warrior O'Reilly thinks Rosie is "flat out dangerous" and her far-left trespassing onto his fair-minded, opine-territory is threatening enough to fairness and balancement that the no-spinster was forced to protect impartiality by bringing on noted fair and balancer, Michelle Malkin, two shows in a row, to explain how the left is flat out dangerous.

Goldberg, who is allowed to spread his uncrazed sensibility weekly in the far-left looney bin of the Los Angeles Times oped section, wrote in his 4/4/07 Times column that ABC should "send (Rosie) someplace where she won't be a harm to herself or anybody else, someplace with rubber sporks."

He added that ABC allows Rosie to remain "because O'Donnell's crazy accusations are directed rightward at that evil George W. Bush (so) it's considered forgivable excess."

It makes perfect sense that Bill and Jonah bash Rosie and ABC. It's not like they were allowed for years to wholeheartedly support Bush's war unerring competence into Iraq to the point of criminalizing, dehumanizing and questioning the patriotism any traitor who dare questioned Bush's policy.

So it is that ABC must part ways with O'Donnell. If not, the terrorists will win, soon follow us over here and end up as regulars on "The View." And then it will be too late.

Steve Young is the author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful" ( and his column appears in the LA Daily News Sunday Opinion the left of O'Reilly's...really.

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