Rosie O'Donnell On 'Today's Professionals': Clashes With Donny Deutsch, Wishes Barbra Streisand A Happy Birthday (VIDEO)

Rosie O'Donnell clashed with a fellow panelist during her appearance on the "Today" show Tuesday morning.

O'Donnell sat on the regularly featured "Today's Professionals" panel with Star Jones and Donny Deutsch. "The Professionals" answered viewer questions and commented on issues of the day, including the U.S. Secret Service prostitution scandal.

O'Donnell clashed with Deutsch when he argued that "men fight wars" and work in the Secret Service because they are physically "superior."

"I'm sorry I almost threw up live on TV. Donny Deutsch, all you have to be able to do is take a bullet," O'Donnell said of working in the Secret Service. "A woman could take a bullet for the President." In response to Deutsch's comment that "there's a reason why men fight wars," O'Donnell argued that women fight wars too. "And why is it that men use the prostitutes and women do not?" O'Donnell wondered.

"Because they're idiots," Deutsch said as "Today" host Matt Lauer urged the panel to move on. "So do we want idiots protecting the President?" O'Donnell asked. "At least they're strong," Deutsch responded.

Just before the segment wrapped up, O'Donnell interrupted the panel to wish Barbra Streisand a very happy birthday. "Can I just say it's Barbra Streisand's 70th birthday today?" O'Donnell asked. Lauer laughed and said yes. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBARA STRESIAND!" O'Donnell yelled.

O'Donnell's "Today" show gig was her first TV appearance since the Oprah Winfrey Network canceled her show, "The Rosie Show." O'Donnell's OWN show went through some format and set changes, and was unable to really resonate with audiences. Oprah personally canceled the show in March.



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