Rosie O'Donnell Tweets Up An Anti-Trump Storm During Second Presidential Debate

She wasn't holding back.
Stop Trump.
Stop Trump.

Rosie O’Donnell’s fierce public feud with Donald Trump continued during the second presidential debate Sunday night when the actress and comedian shared her many thoughts over Twitter.

After enduring repeated insults from the Republican presidential candidate over the years, O’Donnell responded with a few more of her own, calling Trump “spoiled,” “racist” and “sexist” ― along with other comments significantly more vulgar. Trump has publicly said O’Donnell is a “slob,” a “loser,” “disgusting” and that she has a “fat, ugly face.” 

She referenced those taunts specifically during Sunday’s debate. After Trump fielded a question about the lewd 2005 comments he made about women, reiterating his stance that it was “locker room talk” and “just words,” O’Donnell wrote: “SHES A FAT PIG #JUSTWORDS.” 

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During the first presidential debate on Sept. 26, Trump mentioned O'Donnell and said "nobody feels sorry for her."

On Friday, O’Donnell addressed the strain of Trump’s insults on her appearance. In a poem posted to her website, she discussed her depression and revealed that Wednesday was the first day she had left home since the first debate. That's when she encountered Ivanka Trump at a restaurant:

i am tired
this is the first time i have been out

out of bed really – to be honest
since the debate
i have been sleeping a lot
depression clings to me

O’Donnell wrote that she introduced herself to the candidate’s daughter ― calling her the “most beautiful woman” she’d ever seen ― to share “some truths about myself / my pain and shame.” She said Ivanka was “absurdly kind” throughout the conversation, which lasted just a few minutes.

Suggesting the reason Donald Trump’s comments had affected her so personally, the comedian ended her poem on a heartbreaking note: “as her father has / same as my own.”