Rosie Perez Was Told “Shhh” Because She Was A Threat To Hollywood Latinos

During an action-packed day at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, a bevy of women professionals participated in a series of panel discussions about the many obstacles women face in Hollywood. A “One on One” Tribeca Talk with actress and community activist Rosie Perez navigated her experience in the business since her foray, giving audience members a deeper look at the disparities in access and opportunity between women of a certain aesthetic and their better off counterparts.

“And when I entered and I was like, “Wait, a minute, this is messed up. Wait a minute. How many crackhead hoe scripts are you going to send me?” she said, according toRemezcla, on the politics of being a woman of color in Hollywood. “I mean, I don’t mind being a crackhead hoe but you better make me the lead!”


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