Ross Butler Covering K-Pop Band BTS Is Another Reason Why He's A Dreamboat

People had no chill -- understandably.

Ross Butler, are you purposely trying to make our hearts explode? 

The “13 Reasons Why” actor posted a video on his social media accounts of his own cover of K-pop band BTS’ song “Waste It On Me.” 

Are you swooning yet? 

People had no chill, and that’s completely understandable. 

Butler said that he’s now “part of the #btsarmy,” the K-pop band’s fandom. 

In a series of Monday tweets, the actor revealed that he picked up the guitar about five years ago. Back then, he “couldn’t play a chord on the guitar, let alone hold a note with my voice.” 

“But the joy it gave me to sit in my living room and unharmoniously jam all alone gradually made me more comfortable to share and express myself through another medium.”

Butler said on Twitter that the hard work, blistered hands and calloused fingers were all worth it.