Ross Mathews Talks 'Hello Ross!', New E! Show, With HuffPost Live

Formerly known as "Ross the Intern," and soon to be known as "Ross the Talk Show Host," Ross Mathews dropped by HuffPost Live's studio to dish about his upcoming talk show, "Hello Ross!" premiering on E! on Friday, September 6.

During the segment turned gabfest, Mathews gushed about his love for pop culture and celebrities but after bringing out his partner Salvador Camarena to join him on set, Mathews spoke about how he's never officially come out and noted how when he started as "Ross the Intern" on "The Tonight Show" in 2001 things were different for gay people on television:

I could never have been in the closet but it was important for me to be open and out because I remember being a kid growing up in a farm town and not knowing what it meant to be a happy, grown up, successful gay person because I didn't see that represented on television. It's kind of cool that now, kids can. Kids know they can be on TV with their partner and be talking about marriage...

Since leaving "The Tonight Show" Mathews became a fixture on the roundtable discussions on "Chelsea Lately," and wrote a book, "Man Up!," which was released earlier this year.

Click on the video above to hear what Mathews' official coming out process would be and to watch the full segment click here.

"Hello Ross!" premieres Friday, September 6 on E!