This Artist Creates A New Origami Masterpiece Every Single Day, Will Wow Your Socks Off

This Next-Level Origami Will Wow Your Socks Off

Every day, self-described “paper shaper” Ross Symons posts a new work of origami on his Instagram page. Every day, they are different and every day, they are lovely.

“The idea of doing one thing a day for a year has always intrigued me, so at the beginning of 2014 I decided I was going to fold a different origami figure a day for a year,” the South African artist explained on his website. “[The project has] taught me patience, planning and that if you want to get better at something quickly, do it everyday for a year.”

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Symons told Mashable that his love for origami began more than a decade ago, when his brother asked him to fold an origami crane. Since then, his passion — and skill — has only grown.

"Posting [one] different origami figure everyday ... I believe anyone can do anything they want," he told the news outlet. "So, if you have a desire to fold paper like I do then go do it, it's fun."

From adorable animals to fantastical beasts, characters from movies and iconic brands, Symons’ origami works of art are as varied as they are beautiful. He says some take a few minutes to create, while others — like this incredible geometric piece — can take several hours.

In an August interview with The Nifty Blog — the blog of South African photo printing company Nifty250 — the artist said that he gets inspiration for his artwork from a wide variety of sources.

“I love film so I am always thinking about how I could fold cult movie icons and characters,” he said. “When I walk into an office or building, I look around to see how I could fill the empty or ordinary spaces with origami … The Internet is a great place for inspiration too.”

At the time, he also told the blog that he’d started making his own origami paper, as he was finding it difficult to buy the materials he needed in South Africa.

Scroll down to see some of Symons’ incredible origami pieces. Visit his Instagram page for the full collection.

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