Japan's Rotating Seats Solve Train Travel's Greatest Woe (VIDEO)

For motion-averse passengers, enduring a rocky train ride in a seat facing backward can be a painfully nauseating experience.

But for those in Japan, this particular travel woe might be a thing of the past with the most ingenious idea ever: automatic rotating train seats. When the train reaches its final destination, all the seats spin around to face the direction the train is traveling in.

According to The Telegraph, seats on Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed bullet trains can also be manually rotated to create six-seat and four-seat configurations, so you and your travel buddies can all sit together.

With train travel looking up in the U.S., rotating seats would be a welcome addition for those who get motion sickness from riding backward or prefer to travel facing forward. And we all know that train travel is the best, so why not make it that much better?