Australia's Hidden Gem: Rottnest Island

It's pretty easy to find yourself jealous of Australians when you find places like Rottnest Island.

Letting your mind wander to beautiful sunny beaches with attractive men surfing and saying "G'day mate" could become something of a hobby. Especially when you find a gem of a place like Rottnest Island.

It's so much more stunning than the name suggests. Better known as 'Rotto', the island is located just off the west coast of Australia across from Perth.


rottnest island

It's a popular destination with the Perth locals because of its scenic landscape and secluded beaches and bays. Oh, and did we mention it's car-free? The most popular way to get around the island is by bicycle. You can rent one or bring your own and explore the entire island as it's only about 7 miles long and 3 miles wide.

rottnest island

Other than cycling, there's a ton of stuff to do outdoors! You can snorkel in the warm waters exploring over 135 species of vibrant tropical fish and the world's most southerly corals, or dive to the seabed to check out any of the over 13 shipwrecks.

rottnest island snorkel

rottnest island

rottnest island

The island is also famous for the surfing conditions so if you know how to "hang loose" on a surfboard, this may be your heaven.

rottnest island surf

Love animals? Snap photos of the quokkas, the happiest animals in the world and the only mammal (and marsupial) native to the island. You can also keep your eye out for dolphins, sea lions or even humpback whales during their annual migration.

rottnest island

humpback whale migration

But oh, the beaches. How we wish we were here right now.
rottnest island

The verdict is in. It's a winner.

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