Whew… what a week… and a half.

Besides Deep Throat coming out of deep cover, a lot has happened.

With DOWN, BOY!, the most recent news is OSCAR WRITER passed. He loves the book and our treatment, but he feels he’ll be crucified if he writes it. Any man would be, it should be written by a woman, he says. (Remember, it is subtitled A GIRL’S GUIDE TO HOUSEBREAKING A MAN.)

Sooo… Jillian and I have finished another draft of the treatment as well as a list of dog/man behaviors as a crib sheet of sorts. We have humping, peeing, keeping him from running off in public, and, my favorite, the sniffing butts/staring at boobs analogy. Really, our male producing partner asked us for this. But, despite this craziness, dare I say it?, I think our treatment is really good. (Are we allowed to say things like that on blogs?)

BIG PRODUCER is back in town and we are meeting him tomorrow to talk about and strategize writers. Yummy. I’m sure we’ll be sharing the ins and outs. Lots of agents for lunch.

My other projects are moving forward also. I have finally learned the beauty of having a slate of projects. When one thing is stalled, or we’re waiting for someone to get back in town, or for someone to read it, or for someone to just say yes or no, we can work on something else. Of course, in true Hollywood fashion, I’ll have to you waiting and tell you about them next time.