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I spent my weekend studying the similarities between men and dogs. Much to my dismay there are many. At Bar Marmont I saw an aging surfer dude chatting up a young model. He moved closer and closer until his legs were straddling (humping ) her thigh. It looked exactly like the dogs I had seen that morning in Griffith Park.

Then, on the 101, I saw a mild looking guy in wire rimmed glasses screaming and cursing at the BMW 7 series that cut him off. His mixed shepherd- bull dog was barking and frothing in the back seat. I must admit the scene was made somewhat less threatening by the fact that it was occurring in a Volkswagen Bug.

When I got home, I saw my neighbor - the one who keeps offering - “Come to dinner with me, I get you Mercedes. You don’t like Mercedes, I get you Jaguar”- with his golden lab. Both were peeing on a tree. I'm pretty sure they didn’t see me as I rushed inside and locked the door.

Why was I making all these observations? It seems that the latest treatment that Shawn and I wrote for DOWN, BOY! needed some real life examples to tart it up for Hollywood.

In the meantime, I’m waiting at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel for my mother who is visiting from Minneapolis for one of her periodic sessions with Dr. Arnie Klein, the Christopher Columbus of Botox. My mother keeps looking younger and younger while I get older and older... I think I need two sessions with my therapist this week.

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