Rouhani Invites Iranians To Dinner In New York (VIDEO)

WATCH: I Had Dinner With Iranian President Rouhani

This week was momentous for the Iranian American community with President Hassan Rouhani attending his first visit to the U.N. General Assembly. Following his series of high-profile interviews prompting Christiane Amanpour to dub him "it" man of the week, Rouhani spoke at the New York Hilton to a crowd of journalists and members of the think tank community and hosted an invite-only dinner banquet for Iranians in the U.S.

Peter Goodman, Executive Business and Global News Editor at The Huffington Post and Adam Pourahmadi, a producer at HuffPost Live, joined Ahmed Shihab-Eldin to discuss their experience at the event.

"It was really quite exuberant, and I would even say inspiring," said Goodman.

He went on to describe how Rouhani was "warm, gracious, composed, but seemed like another person in the world."

Pourahmadi, an Iranian American who attended the dinner, described the dinner's theme as "Iranians everywhere are all Iranian."

"Rouhani even singled out Iranian Jews and Zoroastrians to feel welcome and come back to Iran," continued Pourahmadi.

The dinner follows a meeting between Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, highest level meeting held between the two countries in years. And today Obama and Rouhani spoke to each other on the phone, marking the first time the leaders of the two nations have engaged in "direct contact" since 1979, closing out a week of historic moments for Iran-U.S. relations.

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