Round 2: Trump's New Muslim Country Immigration Ban

After President Trump’s immigration ban for seven Muslim-majority countries went into effect and was soon ruled unconstitutional by a federal court, the administration now has an updated policy but with a few changes.

The main difference is that Iraq has been removed from the list, but Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen remain. Perhaps the White House figured out that banning people from Iraq wasn’t going to help the image of the United States as we continue to fight ISIS.

Unlike the first attempt, this policy will be phased in slowly over the next two weeks, which will also mean less media coverage this time around. Even though parts of the original policy have been slightly relaxed, this is still the most extreme immigration policy we’ve ever seen.

Will it stand the legal test this time? Maybe, however, the Trump administration is learning how to pass insane measures. All they need to do is pass a lighter version of the original and it is guaranteed to get less media attention and will easily become the law.