Rove: Palin A "Campaign Decision" Not "Governing Decision" (VIDEO)

In a Washington Post interview, Karl Rove admits that the Sarah Palin pick was "not a governing decision but a campaign decision." Of course, he says Joe Biden was too.

They (Democrats) over played this from the first moment. When they put out that statement bashing her. This is everyone. This is mom, the successful small business operator, union member, outdoors woman, coach, mom of five, active in her community and takes on the big boys and becomes Governor. And they run a real risk of looking condescending, just as they did, the same crowd played these cards against Hillary Clinton, and it was a mistake.


This is a positive thing for McCain. It's a bold move, but it's also a smart political move. Now, it's a different kind of decision. ... Both candidates this year, ironically enough made not a governing decision but a campaign decision.

Watch the whole interview: