Rowan Stocks-Moore's Posters Explore Dark Side Of Disney (PHOTOS)

If you've ever watched a Disney animation as an adult, you'll notice the darker side of fairy tales. What seemed like a life-lesson battle between good and bad, actually touched on some fairly controversial issues, like Ursula in "The Little Mermaid" resembling more of a devil-character than just a villain. Artist Rowan Stocks-Moore realized these deeper threads and captured the seedy underbelly of the classic cartoons in remakes of their posters.

"In recent years I have re-watched some Disney films and noticed a much darker tone than I remembered as a child, (though even as a child who can forget the infamous death scene in Bambi?!)," Stocks-Moore wrote.

Stocks-Moore has always been a fan of the Disney movies. Though as his world perspective changed, so did his perspective on the films. The fantasy world of the movies often masked the deeper stories, a dichotomy reflected in his posters. "The Little Mermaid" shows Arial diving into the ocean with her tail a part of the ship that kills Ursula, granting the little mermaid use of her legs and voice.

"I decided I would combine this love of Disney with the darker tones I'd picked up on to create some new poster art that would appeal more to adults than to children, but would still reflect the inherent magical charm of the Disney movies they depict," he wrote.

His posters are available for purchase on Stocks-Moore's Etsy site.

Click through below for photos of Rowan Stocks-Moore's "Disney" posters: