GOP Senate Candidate Gets Trolled Over A Very Unfortunate Typo

Someone get this man a spellcheck.

Roy Moore, the arch-conservative Republican running for a U.S. Senate seat in Alabama, doesn’t believe in evolution. And it looks like he doesn’t believe in spellcheck, either. 

Moore’s tour bus art included a typo right in the middle of the URL for his campaign website and the botched address now redirects to a rival candidate’s website: 

Moore, a former judge who believes being gay should be illegal, has a website based on the phrase “Alabama Deserves Moore.” But on his bus, the “deserves” was misspelled as “derserves.” 

The result? Instead of alabamadeservesmoore.com, his bus became a giant rolling ad for “alabamaderservesmoore.com.” That URL was quickly snapped up by apparent supporters of the Democratic candidate for the seat, Doug Jones, and now redirects to the Jones campaign website. 

A sticker was later placed over the extra letter, so it now says “alabamade servesmoore.com,” WSFA, the Montgomery NBC station, reported.

Moore will face Sen. Luther Strange in a primary next week. Strange was named to the seat earlier this year to replace Jeff Sessions when he became attorney general. The winner of the primary will square off against Jones.

Alabama has not elected a Democrat for Senate in more than 20 years. 

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story stated that the URL was purchased by the Doug Jones campaign. It’s not clear who purchased the domain.



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