Roy Moore Campaign Official Caught On Video Going After Journalist

Heated encounter took place outside Alabama campaign event.

A campaign worker for Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate from Alabama, was caught on video getting physical with a Fox News cameraman outside an event on Monday night.

Connor Sheets of The Birmingham News, who shared the footage on Twitter, later identified the man shoving the photojournalist as Tony Goolesby, DeKalb County coordinator for the campaign and the organizer of the evening’s event in Henagar, in the northeastern corner of the state. 

The footage shows Goolesby grabbing the camera by the lens.

A Fox News producer later wrote on Twitter that the cameraman was part of a crew from the network

A second man, who has not been identified but is wearing a Moore sticker, is seen yelling at another journalist. 

The Moore campaign has been reeling from accusations of sexual misconduct against the candidate by multiple women, including one who said she was 14 years old at the time.

The campaign has responded by attacking the media, including vowing to never answer questions from The Washington Post, which first broke the story.  

The Washington Post is a worthless piece of crap that has gone out of its way to railroad Roy Moore,” Moore campaign strategist Brett Doster told the Post last week. “There is no need for anyone at the Washington Post to ever reach out to the Roy Moore campaign again because we will not respond to anyone from the Post now or in the future.”

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