Roy Moore Is Suing A Conservative News Outlet Over 'Fake News'

Moore lost a 2017 special election to Sen. Doug Jones (D-Ala.) after numerous women accused him of sexually assaulting them as teenagers.

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is suing the Washington Examiner for $40 million, alleging the conservative outlet slandered his reputation.

In a statement Wednesday, Moore called the website “fake news” and cast his suit as a strike against media outlets that are, as he put it, “politically and philosophically motivated to distort the true facts for their own ends.”

“Like the people of Alabama, I am sick and tired of ‘fake news,’” he said. “Unlike some who choose to suffer in silence, I have decided to fight back!”

Despite an endorsement from President Donald Trump, Moore lost a 2017 special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ vacated Senate seat after numerous women accused Moore of sexual harassment and assault, including several who said they were in their teens when the incidents occurred.

Undeterred, Moore decided to run again for the seat in 2020. Should he win the Republican primary, he’d face off against Sen. Doug Jones (D), whom he lost to in 2017. (One of Moore’s primary opponents is Sessions, who hopes to win back his old seat.)

The Washington Examiner reacted negatively to Moore’s announcement that he was running again, publishing headlines like “GOP nightmare as Alabama’s Roy Moore signals he might run again” and “If Alabamans vote for Roy Moore, they deserve Doug Jones.”

Moore’s suit specifically mentions those headlines as being representative of “false and malicious statements made to disparage, intimidate, and libel the character, reputation, and integrity of Judge Roy Moore.”

The Washington Examiner did not immediately respond to a request for comment.