People See A Lot To Criticize In Roy Moore's Form On Horseback

Horse Twitter was not happy with the Senate candidate.

By now you’ve probably seen images of Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore arriving to vote on horseback Tuesday morning in Gallant, Alabama.

If not, here’s what you missed:

Moore rode Sassy (the horse’s actual name) on his way to cast a ballot in the special election, in which he’s facing off against Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Many people had thoughts about how Moore handled his ride:

Deadspin writer Hannah Keyser suggested that Moore “seems to suck at riding a horse.”

“Granted, my decades of riding experience were almost exclusively English style, but I’m not sure you need highly specific equestrian bona fides to recognize that Sassy, Moore’s steed, is not all that well managed,” Keyser wrote.

“A looser rein is to be expected with a Western style of ride but a little less slack ― see how far wide he has to swing his hands to navigate the assembled press? ― would give the dishonorable judge the increased control this particular situation demands,” she added.

Keyser’s sentiments were shared by what Splinter dubbed “Horse Twitter”:

Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, who were in their teens at the time while he was in his 30s. Moore denies those allegations.

CORRECTION: This story previously misidentified the website for which Hannah Keyser writes. It is Deadspin.