Roy Sekoff And Cenk Uygur On Obama 'Conspiracy' To Return America To Native Americans (VIDEO)

With far-right bloggers hot on the trail of another Barack Obama conspiracy, HuffPost editor Roy Sekoff was under added pressure to break it all down on Thursday's edition of "The Ed Show."

"I gotta' speak up a little bit. The black helicopters are hovering just above the studio here," he explained to guest host Cenk Uygur.

The latest plot hatched by America's leading socialist Muslim? Apparently Obama wants to turn the country over to Native Americans.

The one goal of the partisan extremists behind these reports is "to make sure Obama is a one-term president," said Sekoff. "They'll do anything -- anything -- to achieve that."

But there are some more serious concerns when these fringe ideas go mainstream, as Sekoff warned that at times it seems "lunatics are now running the Republican asylum."


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