Roy Sekoff: Obama 'Just Not That Into' Taxing The Wealthy

Roy Sekoff appeared on "The Ed Show" Thursday night to discuss the reasoning behind Obama's willingness to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to the richest Americans.

The bottom line? "Sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer," Sekoff said. "[Obama] is just not that into forcing the wealthy to pay their fair share."

Sekoff cited the White House's unyielding fight on other issues, such as the START treaty, as evidence. "They're fighting on the hill tooth and nail to pass the START treaty," he said. "The White House is doing things they've never done for tax cuts. They're pounding the pavement. They're twisting arms. They're calling out Republicans. And you know what? It looks like they're going to get their way on that one. It shows that when they want to fight, they can do it."

Sekoff offered a somber analogy to sum up his feelings on the matter: "I feel like I'm a divorced guy looking at the old home movies of the president I used to love...what happened?"