Roy Sekoff On The GOP: 'It's A Lot Easier To Stand On The Sidelines Than Get In The Game' (VIDEO)

Roy Sekoff visited MSNBC's "The Ed Show" Thursday evening, where he shared some choice words on the Republican agenda.

"It's easier to stand on the sidelines and yell at the team and boo and hiss than to get in the game," he told host Ed Schultz on the harsh reality the House GOP majority now faces.

Sekoff continued by suggesting Republicans adjust their priorities. "The American people are sitting here, 43 percent of them want the Congress to focus on jobs," he said. "And what is the first thing they do out of the gate? Health care repeal?"

Sekoff dismissed GOP efforts to repeal health care reform as nothing more than theatrics. "They're stumbling, they're falling on their face," he said, "They should maybe put on a Broadway show because this is pure, cheap theatrics."