HuffPost's Roy Sekoff Talks About Newt Gingrich's Marital History On 'The Joy Behar Show' (VIDEO)

HuffPost's Roy Sekoff appeared Thursday night on HLN's 'The Joy Behar Show' to discuss Newt Gingrich's marital history.

Sekoff stated of Gingrich's past, "it's the old saying: it's not the cheat, it's the hypocrisy. Right, I mean that's the thing. It's the entirety of what he did. It's not just, oh that he had an affair, it's that he cheated on the first wife when she had cancer, and he left her and told her he wanted a divorce when she was in the hospital after one of her surgeries. And he broke up with the second wife on Mother's Day."

Sekoff also said that focusing on these marital problems might even be a good thing for Gingrich because "it takes the focus off of all the other sleazy and problematic things that he's done before."

The subject of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels' marital past also came up in the conversation. Sekoff explained, "for him [Daniels], this is the most interesting thing you can say about Mitch Daniels. This is good for him. Otherwise you'd be talking about his days at the OMB."

WATCH (via CNN):